What is cremation, and how does it compare in cost to earth burial?

Cremation is an alternative mode of disposition to earth burial. It is simply the process of reducing the body to bone fragments through the application of intense heat for three to four hours in a cremation furnace. In our area approximately 25% of the families we serve choose cremation as disposition of choice.

When selected as a substitute for a traditional funeral followed by earth burial, the cost will be considerably less.

Today, however, most cremation families choose from a variety of opportunities that provide for meaningful services for the benefit of family and friends – both before and after cremation takes place.

Among those options are: A gathering of family and friends with the body present followed by a funeral before going to the crematory, a gathering of family and friends without the body present followed by a funeral, or a Memorial Service of remembrance at the funeral home or place of worship.

If my family wants a simple cremation, do I have to use a funeral home?

Yes. By New York State Law, Licensed Funeral Directors and Funeral Homes must handle legal requirements such as: transportation of remains, filing death certificates and providing families with the funeral home's general price list, casket price list and outer interment price list as well as the statement of goods and services selected. Crematories operate for licensed funeral homes only and cannot operate for the general public.

Can I still have a funeral service with the body present if I choose cremation?

It is important to remember that cremation is simply a step towards final disposition. All services, including embalming, casket selection, viewing and funeral service are available, even if cremation is chosen. Burial of cremated remains in an urn and an urn vault is often chosen as final disposition.